A Brief History of the Decatur Township Church of Christ 

The Decatur Township Church of Christ was formed on November 11, 2012. It came into existence as a result of the merger of two previously existing congregations – the Lafayette Heights congregation in Indianapolis and the West Newton congregation. 

The merger came about after a split in the West Newton congregation over the use of church funds. There was already common agreement on the sponsoring church issue, church support of human institutions, church sponsored recreation, etc. The removal of this disagreement made fellowship possible. The Lafayette Heights congregation was already planning to move into the Camby area. Rather than having two congregations which believed and practiced the same thing competing with each other for members, joining our hands to work together seemed  better to serve the cause of Christ.

The merger of the two congregations was possible because of a common commitment to allow the Scriptures to be one’s guide in all matters of faith and practice, a common commitment to allow room for personal judgments, and a common commitment to brotherly love. Though merging two separate groups does not occur without some bumps along the way, it is the consensus that both congregations are better off together than either was before the merger.

The new congregation is currently bond­ing together as one and working toward building a rich heritage in faith and love for one another as we labor to execute God’s plan for His church in the Decatur Township area of southwest Indianapolis.