God's Word (4)


God’s Word (4)

Greg King

     How do we know the claims of the Bible are true? Words are easy. Anyone can say or write anything. Consider. If I said I was a brain surgeon and had written a book about it, how would you determine whether that was so? Answer: By seeing if I had the knowledge and ability to do brain surgery. The basic question is: Does the knowledge and ability of the person making the claims agree with the claims? Do they fit? So, does the character and content of the Bible best fit the knowledge and abilities of God or human beings? The only reasonable answer is that only God could produce a book like the Bible. Consider the following reasons:

     [1] Bible unity is beyond human abilities. Approximately 40 men over 1,500 years were involved. Yet there is harmony -- one basic purpose and theme of salvation from sin through Jesus Christ. Pick any subject of human learning and see if you get that kind of unity through many years and people? Impossible!

[2] The Bible answers life’s greatest, most perplexing questions in a way that human authors would not. How did the world begin? Who am I? What is my purpose? What is my destiny? Not only is there a unified answer among all its writers, but the answers are contrary to what people ordinarily write -- contrary to popular thinking generally, and most certainly of Bible times. Would people write the kind of things you read in the Bible about sin, salvation and hell? Would they condemn many of the things people accept? The Bible does!

[3] Bible prophecy cannot be explained with human authors. There are many examples, but consider just one: In Isaiah 44:24-28, about 150 years before it happened, Isaiah said a man named Cyrus would rebuild Jerusalem. That is exactly what happened! Such is comparable to having a document written in 1870 saying Joe Biden would be President of the United States and then stating (prophesying!) a specific accomplishment of his presidency.

     These kinds of things cannot be explained in ordinary ways. They do not “fit” the knowledge and abilities of human beings. Only God possesses the character, knowledge and abilities to explain the Bible’s origin.